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Basement Finishing To Maximize Your Lexington Living Space

Basement finishing

Crosby Contracting is your number one resource for basement finishing in Lexington! As a Lexington remodeling contractor with a proven track record, we're here to guide you through selecting plans and features that transform your original basement from drab to irresistible. In today's economy, basement finishing is a popular and fast way to expand your home's usable space.

Do you want extra finished storage to better organize your home? Or some extra livable space for guests or for entertaining? Crosby Contracting will make your dreams come true!

Most basements get built in an "unfinished" state. Aside from basic structure, unfinished basements are generally not suited for anything beyond storage or emergency shelter. Basement finishing can transform your home, helping to you maximize your home's usable space. There are many reasons to consider basement remodeling and refinishing:

  • Man caves to basement bars—we can develop new entertainment areas that bring your basement to life.
  • Practical spaces—between laundry areas and protected storage, custom basement remodeling means we can develop functionality that fits your exact needs.
  • Additional living spaces—whether you want to give your kids a playroom or create an area for visiting guests, we know how to properly develop basement bedrooms.

Boost Usability Or Resale Value Fast With A Downstairs Remodel!

Basements have a reputation for being stale, damp, gloomy spaces, but at Crosby Contracting we transform customers’ basements from dingy to glam. We know these spaces have more potential than meets the eye. Be sure to take full advantage of your basement and get the most bang for your buck from your home investment.

If your plans include transforming your basement into a living space be sure to check out our other full-feature remodeling options.

  • We also tackle bathroom remodeling to add functionality
  • Kitchen remodeling to transform even basements into full-service living quarters
  • Custom closets for storage
  • Unique lighting, tile, and flooring suited for basement use


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