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Lexington Kitchen Remodeling To Design The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Kitchen remodeling

Crosby Contracting is proud to provide Lexington with full-service kitchen remodeling. From total overhauls to minor updates, we do it all. Your kitchen is the most used common space in your home and sees a lot of daily activity. When you want a kitchen remodel, we'll discuss your wants and needs to learn about your project needs. We'll offer the right solutions to get you the kitchen that you want. We're a Lexington remodeling contractor who knows the current trends but also prioritizes functionality. Whether you're looking for better lighting, improved storage, or even custom pantry space, choose Crosby Contracting for kitchen remodeling that's stress-free!

New Features For New Phases

Your unique kitchen needs to change and evolve over time. As your household grows and changes, you might find the original design is no longer the ideal configuration of your kitchen. Since your kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in the home, it makes sense to make sure it works well for you. We can even assist with new kitchens as an addition in part of a basement finishing project to transform basements into a full-service living space!

Let There Be Light

When remodeling, you should consider adding new lighting elements. We'll make sure you get the most out of your remodel by tailoring fresh lighting fixtures to your new kitchen's needs. Just like a good photographer uses lighting to frame a snapshot, we'll plan lighting suited to your kitchen remodel that highlights features and increases functionality throughout the day. Here are some of our popular lighting improvements for kitchens:

  • Don't get caught trying to read labels in a dim pantry! Whether you're expanding or adding a pantry, we've got lighting solutions to speed up breakfast, lunch, and dinner prep.
  • Under-cabinet lighting solutions provide extra countertop visibility and softer lighting before dawn and after dark.
  • Overhead recessed lighting with dimmers are perfect for dining areas like breakfast bars or kitchen tables. Also known as can lighting, recessed lighting is a popular installation option that hides smaller light fixtures in the ceiling for a unique look or soft accents.

Take Front Stage With A Backsplash!

Adding a backsplash is a popular kitchen remodeling option. The right backsplash can highlight designs or offer splashes of contrasting color to countertops and kitchen surfaces. Backsplashes utilize the space in between counters and cabinets by adding a new element onto the bare surface. Ceramic tile or quartz are both popular backsplash materials that come in a variety of patterns and colors. Adding a backsplash is also an easy way to preserve walls near prep or cooking areas. A hard surface like tile is much easier to clean than a bare wall.

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