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Frequently Asked Remodeling Contractor Questions - Answered By Crosby Contracting

Questions and renovations go hand-in-hand! When you have remodeling plans, odds are you’ll have plenty of questions for your contractor. At Crosby Contracting, we strive to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to our remodeling processes from start to finish. We start that process here, by answering a few of our most frequently asked questions. As one of the leading remodeling contractors in Lexington, it’s important to us that our clients stay in the know about what we do and have the information they need.

What Types Of Remodeling Do You Offer?

Crosby Contracting is a comprehensive, full-service remodeler. That means we take care of anything and everything from flooring and framing to custom closets and basement finishing. If you want a full list of what we can do for you with in-depth descriptions, check out the services section of our website.

How Long Does the Average Bathroom Remodel Take?

A straightforward project typically takes around two weeks. Depending on the complexity of your design concepts or needed repairs, this could take longer.

Can You Help With Exterior Projects And Outdoor Living Spaces?

Absolutely! We are equipped to take care of all kinds of exterior projects like deck building, painting, lighting installation, pressure washing, and fire pit installation.

How Do We Start To Work With Crosby Contracting?

To get in touch with us about your next remodeling project, you can start by calling 859-462-0907 or filling out our online request form. Once we receive your information, we’ll schedule an in-person visit to assess your home, learn more about your project, and provide you with a quote. When you decide to move forward with our services, your contract will be ready for signing, and we'll book your start date!


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