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Our Remodeling Process

Here at Crosby Contracting, we make your visions a reality. From the planning process to completion, every task and project is in master hands! Learn more about how our team will work to bring your dreams to life.


Share Your Vision With Us

Our first meeting determines the scope of work and provides us with enough details to provide a quote. Our team will collect measurements and the information we need to make your home improvement goals a reality at this meeting.

Get a Quote and Pick Your Start Date

Our quotes are guaranteed for 30 days and are based on our experience and the scope of work determined during the initial on-site visit. When you return a signed copy of our quote, we enter into a definitive contract. At this point in the process, we will also agree upon a start date and projected timeline.

What if Something Changes?

From old pipes that need to be replaced to sneaky subfloor damage, our team isn’t phased by the unexpected. If we encounter issues that we didn’t plan for in the original quote, work stops while a change order form is completed to provide an exact picture of the additional cost and time. Your signature on the change order form modifies the original contract, and we get right back to work. We can also provide a change order form if you think of another aspect you’d like to add to the project. Decide you want new lighting in the custom closet we just built? No problem, we can make that happen!


Your Project, Your Satisfaction

Throughout the project, our team will meet with you regularly. Communicating as the work is done helps to address any questions or concerns you might have along the way, leading to our number one goal - customer satisfaction! We take pride in our work and even more pride in making our customers’ dreams come true. We also realize it can be a challenge to have a large project done in your home, and we strive to make the process easy. Our team members are respectful and take appropriate measures to guarantee your peace of mind.

It's a Wrap

When your project is complete, we do a final walk-through to ensure you are happy with our work. If there are any minor adjustments, this is when those are made. Then our team does a thorough clean-up, returning your home to the order it was in before we started - except even better since your project is complete!

Enjoy Your Dreams Come True

Congratulations on another job well done by Crosby Contracting. Enjoy!


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