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Top-Notch Replacement Doors For Your Lexington Home


Are you looking for replacement doors in Lexington? Crosby Contracting is ready to install a variety of interior and exterior door options. New doors are a great, affordable way to spruce up a stale space. New exterior doors add curb appeal and a warm new look. Exterior doors can also be prepped for additional locks or features to add extra security and peace of mind.

The Exterior Look You Want At A Price That Works

Exterior doors make a big statement as the gateways to your home. We have options for decor that is rustic, elegant, stately, and beyond. Whatever feel you want, we'll listen to your vision and help select options and price points that meet your needs. As a full-service remodeling contractor, we're ready to paint or stain replacement doors to taste and match them your property for a cohesive design.

Replacement Doors For A Crisp Interior Feel

Replacement doors for interior rooms are a popular choice when remodeling. Doors are so much more than just wooden slabs on a frame. They can be a statement piece and contributing component of your home's overall decor.

Whether you're completing a single room renovation like a bathroom remodeling project or a whole-house remodel, your door selection is important to tying together your look.

New Door Installation

We're able to add new doors as part of our remodeling services or as a standalone process. While it's a more intensive remodel than a replacement door, new door installations can easily be done with proper planning. If you're already completing a massive renovation project that includes moving walls, you may find that cutting a new door entryway may be necessary. Whatever your wants or needs are, we're dedicated to finding solutions that look sharp and work well.


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