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Lexington Bathroom Remodeling Pros You Can Trust

Bathroom remodeling

Crosby Contracting is your go-to expert for bathroom remodeling in Lexington, Kentucky! This is one of our most popular services, and we have a proven track record of bringing modern techniques and traditional craftsmanship together to create fresh looks that won't disappoint.

Bathrooms are complex spaces packed full of functional features. From a simple refresh to a full remodel, we can take your bathroom from outdated to modern or from dull to sparkling in just a few weeks.

New Look, Plenty of Benefits

While many customers approach their bathroom remodel in search of a new look, many additional benefits come from upgrading this room in your house.

New bathtubs and toilets with fresh seals and modern efficiency features often save clients money on their energy bills. New cabinets and storage solutions reduce clutter while boosting resale value and visual appeal. No need to stop there! Fresh flooring, lighting fixtures, or windows bring a welcoming feel to your space. With touches like these, we'll put your bathroom on an equal playing field with the brightest rooms in your house.

A bathroom remodel may also be required if your family is working to improve accessibility for elderly or disabled family members or guests. In that case, we'll work with you to select accessibility features that keep daily routines smooth and simple with minimized risk.

Latest Bathroom Remodeling Projects

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DIY Master Bathroom Turned Modern Chic in Richmond, KY

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Small But Mighty Hallway Bathroom Remodel in Berea, KY

This small hallway bathroom got a desperately needed remodel. All of the drywall on the walls and ceiling was replaced with mold/mildew resistant drywall. The shower soffit was removed to open up the shower area and to make the bathroom feel a little bigger. The old […]


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