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Lexington Lighting Installation Professionals

Lighting installation

Are you looking for lighting installation in Lexington? We install a variety of inside and outside lighting features that will outshine the competition and give your space the limelight it deserves. No great remodel is complete without a fresh lighting installation that compliments the space just right.

New lighting installations tailored to your remodel add value, warmth, and an inviting feel. Just like a good photographer uses light carefully to capture a shot, our lighting installation selection is deliberate. We'll recomend the right new light features and replace old ones to keep your home's natural beauty shining, even after dark.

Inspiration To Installation - Popular Options From Under-Cabinet To Recessed

Lighting upgrades can make a massive impact on the look and feel of your home. Specialty home lighting has recently surged in popularity. New lighting styles and technology means you have more options for energy-efficient equipment and features. If you want to upgrade dim or outdated fixtures with brighter, more modern lighting, give us a call!

We're the Lexington remodeling contactor with lighting solutions for traditional installations as well as popular modern designs. From statement lighting fixtures to subtle options like recessed lights and under-cabinet lighting for maximum feel with minimum intrusion, we can do it all.

Improving Visibility Inside And Out

Lighting installation boosts the visibility of your property. Increased visibility brings benefits including but not limited to: safer navigation inside and out, improved 360-degree outdoor visibility, increased functionality, higher resale value, and more efficient spaces that serve you instead of vice-versa. Choose Crosby Contracting as your remodeling contractor to take your lighting ideas from inspiration to installation.

  • Kitchen remodeling - boost visibility in your kitchen space with under cabinet lighting. This unique lighting setup can make for safer prep work in the kitchen and provides an ambient lighting option for early morning and evening use.
  • Pantry lighting and closet lighting - tired of trying to read packages in a dim pantry or hunting for that one pair of shoes in a dark closet? We've got you covered!
  • Recessed lighting - a popular installation option that hides smaller light fixtures in the ceiling for a unique look or soft accents for space.
  • Exterior lighting - improve security with new lighting installations outside while also highlighting spaces like landscaping, green space, patios, pathways, or decks.
  • Additional options like motion-activated and dimmer lights for a custom feel and more flexibility.


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