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Framing Specialists - Ready To Dramatically Upgrade your Lexington Home's Layout


With Crosby Contracting’s superior framing work as the start to your remodeling project, you’ll have a foundation you can trust. We're happy to help with any framing needs or questions you may have for your Lexington home. Picking an experienced framer is an important first step in choosing a remodeling contractor for more involved projects, from creating additions to diving into more complex rebuilds.

Framing involves setting up your remodel for success with a strong structure at the very beginning. We'll build out the remodeled space with framing to provide the amenities you want.

What Is Framing Work And Why Is It Important?

  • Framing is the work that begins early on in a project; it determines the shape and structure of whatever comes next.
  • Good framing is essential in order to develop a sturdy, long-lasting, safe space.
  • Good framing is essential for a sturdy, long-lasting remodel. We're a remodeling contractor with the expertise you can trust.
  • When you choose Crosby Contracting for your next remodel, we provide extra peace of mind. You can rest assured that our work is structurally sound and built to last.

Framing is an early stage of any remodel. The work ranges from simple builds to intensive renovations, like adding walls and moving walls for reshaping entire interiors. It's important to have experts on your side for more intensive framing projects with several variables at play. Our experts are ready to tackle load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls alike. You'll notice the difference in the symmetry and uniformity of a finished project from Crosby Contracting that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Right Materials For Every Need

From top-of-the-line materials to installation techniques designed to last, our experts will set up the “bones'' you will likely never see again. Whether we’re completing a basement finishing project or a kitchen remodel, or anything in between, the craftsmanship of our approach brings you proven results now and more savings down the line.


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