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Tile & Flooring Installation For Your Lexington Renovation Projects

Tile flooring

Crosby Contracting offers expert flooring installations with a wide range of high-quality options for home renovations in Lexington. We are up-to-date on techniques and materials, from classic to modern and more.

Choosing the right flooring might seem overwhelming, but we make it easier by making recommendations based on your home’s unique characteristics and your overall vision, as well as other factors like moisture risk and longevity.

Once we review your project, we'll present initial selections such as hardwood, tile, and vinyl plank. We’ll guide you in choosing specific colors or patterns to complete the room and your final flooring installation. With a bit of help from our pros, you’ll love the result!

Guiding You Through The Finer Points

The finer points of flooring installation make a big difference. You want your floors to last as long as you live in your home. We built our reputation as one of Lexington’s top remodeling contractors because our attention to detail and expertise get the results our customers want. Whether you're updating a home you just acquired or brushing up a longtime residence; we'll always consider your needs above anything else when selecting flooring. Here are some questions we might ask during the initial stages of this service:

  • Do you have pets, especially dogs, that spend lots of time indoors? Though hardwood floors are an attractive flooring installation option, we may recommend a more scratch-resistant surface like ceramic or porcelain tile to guarantee a longer lifespan.
  • Do you have young children, or are you planning on having them around? You might choose a surface that's easier to clean for eating areas but made of a softer material to cushion any falls that could occur in the home.
  • Do you want a rustic hardwood look for bathroom or utility spaces without the risk of moisture buildup? Consider vinyl planking, a sturdy option that's also more resistant to climate and moisture than hardwood.

Tile Installation

Tile naturally repels microscopic creatures like dust mites or other pests, as well as mold. It's a great flooring pick when you need to replace carpet for people with allergies or asthma. When it comes to choosing between ceramic and porcelain tile, the difference is negligible to most. Porcelain is a much denser tile and tends to be more expensive than ceramic tile, but is typically finer and offers more durability and water resistance than ceramic tile. You'll have an easier time cleaning tile compared to other flooring surfaces since it often requires simple scrubbing with warm water (no chemicals necessary!), making it a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom areas.


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