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Care For Your Kentucky Home: Maintaining Surfaces To Last A Lifetime

New kentucky home

Interior and exterior remodeling bring fresh looks that will also require maintenance down the line to keep surfaces looking fresh. Kentucky is a vast home to many subclimates and terrain. We are careful to tailor initial remodels to your specific area's climate and needs and are happy to offer some tips to help you make informed decisions on materials and cleaning down the line. For a full-service remodeling contractor that can care for Kentucky homes throughout their lifespan, call 859-462-0907 or complete our online request form!

Exterior Pressure Washing For Hot Summers And Mild Winters

We also offer pressure washing service in addition to being a remodeling contractor. Kentucky gets the best of all seasons with typically mild winters and summers without harsh extremes. Most of the Blue Grass Region is in a subtropical climate, which means exterior cleanings are important to consider now and again. Year-round humidity sometimes yields plant growth on exteriors that's best removed by pressure washing which we offer year-round. Pressure washing removes even microscopic plant growth and lets your surface's natural beauty shine. Here are some tell-tale signs of plant growth on exterior surfaces.

  • Green or brown discoloration, especially on vinyl siding.
  • Differences in color from one side of a structure to another. Plant growth is extra common on north-facing walls.

Plant growth is a primarily cosmetic issue and is easily removed through pressure washing . If left unwashed for too long, plant growth may cause damage to exterior surfaces.

Minimize Cleaning & Maximize Relaxation With Interior Selections That Clean Quick

One great way to make your home work for you instead of vice-versa is selecting materials best suited to your needs for both use and maintenance.

  • Different surfaces require different maintenance and cleaning routines. Don't mind vacuuming but dread tasks like polishing floors? Hardwood is a popular option, but you might select carpet for the more frequently used parts of the home.
  • Consider tile for your kitchen or bathrooms. You'll have an easier time cleaning tile compared to other flooring surfaces. It often requires a scrub with warm water (no chemicals necessary!)
  • Speaking of chemicals, modern synthetic surfaces like vinyl planking are increasingly popular for laundry and utility rooms. Vinyl planking often captures the look of hardwood but can be easily cleaned and maintained with simple homemade solutions of natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar or water.


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