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Maximalist Vs. Minimalist: Total Overhaul Or Tiny Tweaks?

Maximalist vs minimalist

Want renovations but unsure of whether to go big or small? Crosby Contracting is a full-service remodeling contractor in Lexington ready to handle total overhauls, and minor updates will equal care. Some customers come to us with complete visions full of detail, but choosing renovations might feel overwhelming from the outside. In either case, don't fear; we're here to help guide you through decisions that'll get results for your home.

Big renovations mean total overhauls — reframing for fresh layouts that change the look and function of your home. Major changes are appropriate if you're purchasing a home that needs serious alterations or if you want to get new or different uses from your home. Popular big renovations include kitchen remodeling to connect a living room and kitchen for an "open floor-plan" feel that's fit for entertaining and socializing.

Are Major Overhauls Right For You?

Major overhauls are popular, especially for older structures that you want to bring into the modern age. Major renovations are a great way to utilize your home's space or transform rooms. If rooms or spaces regularly fall short of your day-to-day needs, it may be time to consider major renovations. Popular services like basement finishing, kitchen remodeling, and custom closets add extra usable space for guests, storage, work, and play while also allowing you to overhaul how an area looks. The biggest difference between a major renovation and a minor one is that a major renovation updates both function and look. A minor renovation usually addresses just one or the other.

Go Big Or Go . . . . Home?

Major changes are not the only renovation option available and the best renovations are those that make you feel at home each and every day. More minimal renovations can change a home or room's look and feel while keeping lots of the same functions or staying true to your budget. Consider minor renovations such as these for a simple but visually appealing overhaul:

  • New flooring installations and fresh paint for walls and ceilings — together with new decor these create a bright new look at great value
  • Lighting installations indoors or out — if you've added some fresh landscaping and plants or rearranged indoors, updating with fresh lighting fixtures helps updates pop for maximum potential
  • We're a Lexington remodeling contractor who knows current trends while also prioritizing functionality. Choose Crosby Contracting stress-free remodeling.


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